I say photographer of love, because I find myself falling in love with my clients, and every detail of it. When I first started shooting I was 19, I had no idea what I was doing, but I would present and tell myself you are a professional. I did my first wedding, although it was not the best, I fell in love with every detail of it! It was so dreamy, made me dream of the day I would get married, and get booked. I am now where I am all thanks to my husband, who has pushed me to do my dream job. John and I recently got married one year ago we share two important pieces in our lives a little baby girl name Gethsemane, and a passion for photography; he is my second shooter ya’ll. Wherever I am he is, he is my backbone. When you meet us, we will have coffee together. If you workout, we can become running buddies. If you’re into fashion, I am your girl, heels for days! If you’re a Jesus freak, count me in as well. The moral of the story is, whoever you are please hire me, let’s have fun! I am sure we share something in common and that is LOVE!

“My main goal is to capture emotion, to document love. I am about people who love each other, who connect with each other, and most important to have fun even in front of the camera.”

Much love,