Ten Peaks Crested Butte Elopement, Co. | Caitlin + Josh | Indes Photo


Caitlin + Josh found us through the Crested Butte Gunnison Wedding Guide back in December. We FaceTimed and talked about the vision they had for their wedding day, and right away we clicked with the same ideas for the photos, at first we had planned that we would go off roading and do some hiking, but with the snow being so intense we had to change plans and make it work and shoot around town, yet we captured so magical places and some passionate love!

I was so excited to hear that they were getting married at Ten Peaks; I mean it is one of my favorite venues to see couples exchange vows at! Also they happen to share anniversaries with John and I so it even felt a lot more special to us to do their wedding photos!! Anyway, the love that Caitlin has for Josh is so noticeable, the ability to protect Caitlin is all over Josh. You guys, you can see so much passion and love for one another in their relationship. Cheers to a beautiful day and beautiful souls.