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I began experiencing photography when I was a junior in high school. I wanted to take yearbook so I could take all the photos possible, but I was a shy kid, and scared that I would suck at it, so my brother and I would steal my dad’s disposable camera and run the film out in taking selfies, spiders, the river, trees, we would photograph whatever we could find. My brother bought his first Canon Rebel T5 when he was 15yrs old, he would let me borrow it, but I had no idea what to do with it, but I would practice everyday, I would day dream that I would be shooting for Vogue and living in New York shooting for them (not gonna lie, I still have my hopes up for this to happen), anyway I shot my first wedding with that same camera when I was 17yrs, and right there I knew what my new hobby would be and the following year that hobby became my passion. I booked my first two paid weddings, and family photos, and 8 yrs later I am still loving my job as a photographer, today I am doing it with my husband’s support, and he’s even become my second shooter, so you’ll see him everywhere!

what is your approach?

My goal as a photographer is to capture true love, true emotion. My job is document a real story to show you where your adventure has started and where it is going. I want to tell your story, and help you go back in time and feel all the emotions captured within an image.

do you travel?

OMGSH!!! YES!!!! I will go where you want me to go! Ever since I was a child my dad loved traveling and moving to new places. So if you say, “want to get on a plane to shoot our photos.” You can count on me!!

How many photos can we expect from our shoot?

WEDDING: On an average of a 10+hr wedding expect to get around 500 fully edited images from the day of. I choose and touch up the photos that I believe are the best to tell your story.

LIFESTYLE/ FAMILY: This is usually an hour photoshoot. Expect around 75 fully edited images. I choose and retouch the photos that I believe are the best to tell your story.


Every image will be sent to you via email in a gallery, where you/your family will have access to them.

what do you shoot with?

  • Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Canon 7D

So, do you think we could be the right fit?! I am so excited to grab some coffee and get to know you! I’d love to hear your love story, or your passion for your calling, I guess I want to be your friend and not just your photographer. I am there to serve you, but I am also there to bring you smiles, and tears of joy on the delivery date of your photos. So what do you think? Let’s meet up?

Family / Lifestyle $475

Weddings start at $2600

Elopement $1375

Do you travel? YES, Let’s Chat!!

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